In March of 2015 factual reversed themselves – You can update or add your business here which makes this post obsolete:     Some time over the past few days, there was a change in the policy at Factual so that business owners are no longer able to correct their own business details, and instead must work ONLY through […]

This Wednesday, May 30th in the ever changing world of local search, Google officially announced the “end” of “Google Places” and they are merging it with Google Plus (Google+). This has been written up quite extensively already, but I thought I’d chime in on where I think “Google Plusaces” is going next… As you can see, […]

Last night I did a search on Google because my wife had her car window smashed by some Portlandia hooligans  while she was watching the Central Catholic High School play. The first result for “emergency auto glass repair” was Glass Doctor, and it was a combined local listing, so I picked up the phone and […]

My next internet marketing session is geared towards local businesses, (sign up  here) and is specifically focused on beginners who don’t have technical skills. Web designers who are not SEO’s are also welcome. I suppose if you are an long time SEO that has never delved into the changes in local search before, you’ll also […]

I received a marketing e-mail that was cleverly worded, and since I’m interested in local marketing, I clicked the link. When I got there though, the message I received wasn’t exactly a perfect sales pitch. The e-mail I got told me that my business name was listed incorrectly on the major search engines, and I […]