This summer I started a new blog at my main site, and thought I’d get a few posts in before writing about it here. I wanted to be sure I could commit to writing again, and I think I have. These are the posts I have up so far, and a few have videos […]

On Tuesday evening January 13th, 2015, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, I’m going to be on a panel of four local Portland internet marketing experts, where we are going to mercilessly rip apart strategically analyze various websites that the audience brings for us to review. In addition to myself,  we’ll have three more SEMpdx board […]

In March of 2015 factual reversed themselves – You can update or add your business here which makes this post obsolete:     Some time over the past few days, there was a change in the policy at Factual so that business owners are no longer able to correct their own business details, and instead must work ONLY through […]

This Tuesday evening, I’ll be giving a presentation to a group in Tigard, titled “Google, SEO and Beyond” that is going to be geared for local business owners. The group I’m presenting for is called the Oregon Computer Consultants Association, where I’ve actually been a member for over a dozen years. When? Tuesday, June 24, […]

Google is an unreasonable bully that has to be stopped, so I am officially announcing my intention to be the named plaintiff in a class-action Federal antirust lawsuit, naming Google as the defendant, and I’m looking for other SEOs and internet marketers to join in. We will be filing the papers at 10a.m. PST tomorrow morning, […]

Thursday morning I sat down at the crack of dawn, and the first thing I noticed was a lot of activity in my open Skype window. That was pretty unusual, because Skype is a one on one chat platform, and I’m not used to seeing that many conversations there at once. In this case though, […]

You may be diligent about putting ALT and title attributes into the images you use in posts, but WordPress is not cooperating. At some point in the past (and I’m not quite sure when), the title attribute stopped carrying over after inserting the image. When you add an ALT attribute to an image, the intention […]

I’m pretty sure it was an ancient SEO Rockstars episode on Webmaster Radio with Greg Boser and Todd Freisen where I first heard Greg use the phrase “…that’s what I would do if I were Google…” to sum up a point he was making. That was one of the best pieces of SEO advice I’ve ever […]

Facebook rolled out a new “starred” review system not too long ago, and it’s patently unfair to businesses. For starters, users are able to leave you reviews that could be completely untrue, and as a business owner, you are unable to comment or reply publicly to that review. Second, and also just as bad, their […]

The Google Chrome browser has an annoying feature called QuickSearch that’s bugged me for years, and I finally got rid of it. When I type WP into Google, I am *not* looking for Wikipedia, I am looking for something related to WordPress.  Whether it’s a plugin, a problem, a hack fix or whatever,  WordPress is […]

Update – Google Disabled the functionality of the their software on  August 1, 2014 – DAMMIT – Now what?* If you try to run your life using Microsoft Outlook and an Android phone, you know how hard / difficult / impossible that can be since December of 2012. In the olden days, Google let us sync […]

This a video run through of my Las Vegas Pubcon 2013 slides from the local / mobile panel with Michael Dorausch and Kevin Adams. I almost never re-use my conference slides after I speak, so I’m going going to start making better use of them by doing these screencasts. This video isn’t very polished, and […]