In March of 2015 factual reversed themselves – You can update or add your business here which makes this post obsolete:     Some time over the past few days, there was a change in the policy at Factual so that business owners are no longer able to correct their own business details, and instead must work ONLY through […]

You may be diligent about putting ALT and title attributes into the images you use in posts, but WordPress is not cooperating. At some point in the past (and I’m not quite sure when), the title attribute stopped carrying over after inserting the image. When you add an ALT attribute to an image, the intention […]

Sometimes, paid links may be totally alright with Google, and in fact in many cases are EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE LOOKING FOR. Let me explain… If I search Google for “CNN author on Google plus” then I get over  22 million results, with John D Sutter showing as #1   John Works for CNN, and he even […]

This Wednesday, May 30th in the ever changing world of local search, Google officially announced the “end” of “Google Places” and they are merging it with Google Plus (Google+). This has been written up quite extensively already, but I thought I’d chime in on where I think “Google Plusaces” is going next… As you can see, […]

This coming Thursday March 29th, I’m giving an advanced internet marketing presentation to a Meetup Group at the Portland Convention Center Red lion Inn.  The program starts at 5:30 and goes until 7:30, and preregistration is required here. The tile of the presentation is “The Truth About Backlinks”, and with all that’s happened at Google […]

Last night I did a search on Google because my wife had her car window smashed by some Portlandia hooligans  while she was watching the Central Catholic High School play. The first result for “emergency auto glass repair” was Glass Doctor, and it was a combined local listing, so I picked up the phone and […]

I was asked to fill in at the off-site SEO session of SearchFest last week, and I worked for days on my slides, intending to give the best presentation that anyone had ever seen. I tried to pack nearly 90 slides into a 25 minute presentation, and after the first half of the slides, I […]

My next internet marketing session is geared towards local businesses, (sign up  here) and is specifically focused on beginners who don’t have technical skills. Web designers who are not SEO’s are also welcome. I suppose if you are an long time SEO that has never delved into the changes in local search before, you’ll also […]

I’m happy to announce that I’m running my own Meetup groups for 2012, and my first event has now been scheduled for January 19th, at the Convention Center Red Lion Inn. Why?  Over the past few years, I’ve spoken on more panels and given more presentations than I can count. I’ve presented to multiple private […]

Friendster seems to have about 57 million 404 errors, and they have completely wiped out the vast majority of their users content. Do a site: search on and try to go almost anywhere – We have a few Friendster accounts, and just this morning my friend Brad who has a pretty busy 80’s fan site told […]

Are you feeling guilty because you have improved your rankings unfairly? Have you bought links? Exchanged goods or services for reviews? Have you commented on blog posts, or maybe participated in forums when you didn’t even feel all that strongly, but you did it in an attempt to manipulate the search results through gaining backlinks? […]

I just tried to leave a review at Google, while I was logged in, and instead of being given the old review screen, I was asked to set up a new profile. Here, it’s easier to show you… (*update four months later the name “Hotpot has finally been dumped. What a dumb idea that was […]