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I post at now, and this post was published 16 years 1 month 14 days ago. This industry changes FAST, so blindly following the advice here *may not* be a good idea! If you're at all unsure, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and ask.

If you’re a search engine marketer, then you know that good keyword research is the foundation of any successful campaign. Whether for trying paid or organic serps, you have to target the right phrases with your pages and your ads, or all of your efforts may be compromised.

I’ve been a subscriber to Wordtracker, the granddaddy of keyword research for years, and I still love it. I’ve of course used both the free Google keywords tool and Overture/Yahoo’s free tool* before, and I’ve even dabbled in Keyword Discovery. Last year, I began using Nichebot quite a bit too, and I had a pretty good arsenal at my disposal.

None are perfect of course, and they all have their ups and downs. , but the biggest drawback for any of me is the amount of my time spent to get truly meaningful data.

Painful saving and assembling of list after list is the norm. Unless you’re looking for quick cursory facts, it’s still an awful lot of work, and many SEO’s can spend hours doing a good job.

The recent addition of a new tool from Nichebot called “1 click LSI keywords” has singularly saved me more time than anything else I’ve discovered in the last year.

LSI, (Latent Semantec Indexing) is a buzzword that was somewhat “revolutionary” in that search engines began using “LSI” to clearly define the “theme” of a website, and hopefully, they could rank accordingly.

Under the proven principles of LSI, it’s technically possible to rank very well for a phrase that actually appears nowhere else in the page. This includes the meta tags et all.
My “one sentence guide to LSI” is this…. Use synonyms when you write your pages.

So, back to Nichebot. Their latest addition is a one click LSI report, and it can’t be beat. Type in one two or three word phrase, get back dozens or hundreds of LSI searches and counts to boot. Type in three phrases, you get three lists etc. Export, merge and kill the duplicates, and you know what to target.

Two years ago, in February of 2005, Aaron Wall wrote a fantastic post about LSI,where he summarized the concept very well, citing great resources and forum threads, and in your spare time you should read it.

This minute though, you need the keywords, and Nichebot’s got ’em for ya. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m an affiliate of theirs, but I only support what I believe in. This means that if you use their trial offer, and try a “One Click LSI Keywords” report, then I get a percentage, but hey, that’s fair for saving you hours of time, isn’t it?

Go type your “top 10 desired” phrases into the “1 click LSI Keywords” report, then run it. You’ll have to come back to the browser tab in a few minutes, because it churns their servers.

When you look at and export the reports, come back and comment, please. I’ll bet youre first word after seeing it is… “Whoa!” like mine was!

Since you may already know the a lot of SEO, and you understand proper site structure,” spiderability”, clean code, most of the server side stuff, etc. then this could be your final piece of the puzzle to get ahead of the game, and focus on creating meaningful content.

Good keyword research always takes a lot of time, and finally with this new report addition, I can buy back a lot of my time pretty darn cheap!

When you try Nichebot you can skip the long sales letter in the top right if you want, and get right to the $1 trial offer. It says “limited time” today, but who knows?

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