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I post at now, and this post was published 14 years 2 months 16 days ago. This industry changes FAST, so blindly following the advice here *may not* be a good idea! If you're at all unsure, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and ask.

Google Suggest has been around for quite awhile now, but at the moment I’m noticing it take effect on the regular Google homepage.

Basically, you just begin type in something, and Google will pre-fill beneath your text, trying to guess what you’re looking for, showing you related searches, and showing you the number of results it will find.

I’ve only seen it before by going through Google labs, here at this page

A moment ago I did a search for something, and the search box popped down to bring me suggestions like this, when I begin to type “Internet marketing” –


Is anyone else seeing that?

It’s taking place whether or not I am logged into my Google account…

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