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I post at now, and this post was published 14 years 6 months 6 days ago. This industry changes FAST, so blindly following the advice here *may not* be a good idea! If you're at all unsure, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and ask.

There seems to be a new scam going around, that’s a new twist on an old game.

The old scams set out to steal your domain names under the banner of Liberty names of America”  or “Domain Registry of America”   and the way they do it is to send domain owners what appears to be an invoice for domain registration renewal.

Once paid, then the owners lose control of their domain names, often not finding out for months or years, until they need to change DNS, and that’s when they find out they don’t own it anymore..

This morning I got another e-mail that appeared to be the same thing, but upon closer examination, I can see that they don’t want to be bothered by anything as pesky as owning your domain name, and they have no intention of robbing you year after year.

Instead, this one is merely a solicitation for “search engine registration” and they’re after one thing – your money.

If you read the fine print carefully you’ll see that…

  • “This is not an invoice”
  • It’s for “Search Engine Registation”
  • It’s a “solicitation”
  • “This notice is not in any part is associated with a continuation of services for domain registration.”

At least you won’t lose your domain if you fall for this scam, but you will lose up to $295. Here’s what to watch for, by email, with the subject line – “Domain Notification: [sic YOUR NAME] This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing [sic Your Domain Name]

Here’s what the letter contains…


I suppose someone will argue that since they DO specify details, that it’s not a scam, but seriously – “search engine registration”? Really?

If someone from the company would like to reply here and tell people what they do get for their $300, I’ll certainly allow it to be posted…

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