This short video shows how easy our new free Add-In works to make live links in Microsoft Excel 2007 / 2010. If you have to frequently spotcheck URLs in a spread sheet, I think you’ll love how much time it can save you. When you want to visit any of the URLs, instead of having […]

These days, having varied anchor text is more important than ever, and I’ve released a new link variance tool to make it a bit easier, and a lot faster for your writers. If you’re an SEO that’s  distributing content throughout the web, you should know by now that having too many inbound links with a […]

If you’ve ever imported large quantities of URLs into a spreadsheet, or even copy/pasted just a few rows, one of the things that you’ve probably disliked is the fact that those URLs are not “live”. In fact, in order to actually visit those URLs as needed, you have to copy/paste each one of them into […]

Pay per click campaigns can be somewhat tedious to set up, primarily because all the data that you get from the keyword research tools need to be reworked into a more useful list. My new keyword multiplier tool should make it a lot easier! By that, I mean you need to consider every variation that […]

There is nothing worse than computer problems, and there’s nothing better than free software to prevent them in the first place. One of my favorite utilities of all time, Winpatrol,  has just updated to their 2008 version, and the company owner has provided me with an affiliate version that I can give away at no […]

There’s been a nice addition to one of my favorite pieces of link building helper software with this morning’s update. It just keeps getting better and better to help your employees make their link building time actually count, and actually build a couple of links, instead of doing research. Added: “Toggle Highlighting “NoFollow” Links” option. […]

You know the drill by now… Searching the web for subject relevant blogs, then posting an intelligent comment that you hope will get you a counted backlink to your own domain or webpage of your choice. It’s a tedious process, but one that’s been proven effective for building backlinks and traffic. However, it takes an […]