This video covers titles, descriptions, keywords, header tags, backlink profile and more for My Elite Contacts, a website for a CRM system. The site is less than a month old, and already well indexed.

This website is for a nutritional supplement designed to help people with anxiety and stress relief products. This video is under five minutes and points out some fundamental problems, summarized here… The reality is that with only a 13 page website, and only 6 of them showing up much in Google at all, it’s going […]

This is a regional remodeling and construction firm located in Vancouver Washington. I covered most of the basics from my SEO101 area, and pointed out an error in the robots.txt file. I hope you find this helpful, and if you have any questions at all please be sure to leave them here, so that everyone […]

This is a website for authors, copywriters and editing help, that is missing a couple of the key fundamentals that I outline in my SEO101 section. The review is just 12 minutes long, but provides important information to the site owner.

This is an overview of a rural Oregon realtor website, but needs many, if not all, of the basic fundamentals of SEO101. When you’re trying to build links for a real estate site you have to give people a reason to link to you, by providing valuable information that their own visitors will appreciate.

This business is a maker of a software product for retirement communities, yet the search engines seem to be having problems understanding that. This video points out exactly why, with some very basic fundamental search marketing principles.

This website is basically a Portland, Oregon business directory, but many of the individual pages are not being found in the search engines. This applies not only to queries for phrases, but for specific URLs to0, which indicates a potential structural problem. This video points out some possibilities why, and also covers some fundamental search […]

I was asked to do a free site review of examining some of the many possibilities why the site doesn’t rank very well. It’s basic SEO-101, but with a little bit more thrown in for good measure…

This covers most of the basics – As always, whether you’re the site owner, or an internet marketer, do feel free to ask any specific questions about this video here, or start any discussion points…

This is a 15 minute review of all of my SEO fundamentals as they apply to a handwriting analysis / expert witness website including my recommendation for a site conversion to WordPress. While waiting for the Revver video to go live, here’s a flash version

This site is not exactly what I would call “stellar” but in just under 10 minutes I point out a few things that might be educational to some people trying to take shortcuts on the fast track to success with MFA (Made for Adsense) sites and affiliates. Take a look, and please leave any feedback […]

This is a large site that turned out to have lots of structural issues, server errors, disappearing pages etc. A bit more than the SEO-101 I though i’d be doing, but a lot got covered, all in just about 12 minutes. As always, anyone else’s input is appreciated, and feel free to point out anything […]