I got to thinking about things that I’ve said in the past about linkbuilding, especially where I’ve been dead wrong. Then I wondered if I’d ever written what I (and a lot of SEOs) had believed for a long time  – “I don’t think Google can ever penalize you for inbound links”, and after a […]

At this time of year, a lot of people might fall for this Amazon phishing scam, and it could lead to disastrous consequences. I buy a lot of stuff at Amazon, especially at this time of year. This email ended up in my in-box on the same day as several purchases I made,  so at […]

Okay, I’m calling BS here, Google – What’s going on?!? Can someone explain to me how a post I wrote three days ago is still not found by searching it’s exact title? Any time I’ve ever looked, my posts are indexed, often within just minutes, and NEVER do I recall a post I’ve made not […]

Sometimes, paid links may be totally alright with Google, and in fact in many cases are EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE LOOKING FOR. Let me explain… If I search Google for “CNN author on Google plus” then I get over  22 million results, with John D Sutter showing as #1   John Works for CNN, and he even […]

I work with a company that produced a documentary about Keiko the whale, who was the star of the 1993 sensation, Free Willy. (Wow, has it really been 19 years?) Over a week ago, we found out that their website got hacked, and although it was NOT reported in Webmaster Tools, the search results did […]

*Last updated July 2013* – This post has been several years in the making, because since 2007, as fast as I’ve written things down in the notes, new WordPress plugins keep getting built and I’d have to scratch them out. Sometimes we build plugins we need ourselves, as was the case with my desire to […]

What is it about BuddyPress that makes the best WordPress SEO plugins in the world, almost universally fail to function as the author intended? The issue at hand was that the East Portland Chamber of Commerce was using Yoasts SEO Plugin and BuddyPress as a Business directory. The site was SEO’d great, etc. but it had no unique title […]

Pubcon is the oldest internet marketing conference in the world, and this year it’s taking place almost a full month earlier than usual in Las Vegas. The session grid is huge with up to 9 concurrent tracks, and the main conference dates are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, October 16, 17, and 18, with a full day of masters […]

There’s a bug in the Google Places app on my Android phone that is allowing me to edit the last review for any local business. Instead of saying “Leave a Review” the only option for me is to “Edit Your Review”. I discovered it over the weekend while I was trying to leave a review […]

This Wednesday, May 30th in the ever changing world of local search, Google officially announced the “end” of “Google Places” and they are merging it with Google Plus (Google+). This has been written up quite extensively already, but I thought I’d chime in on where I think “Google Plusaces” is going next… As you can see, […]

This is just quick update to show that my Google Places impressions over the past 30 days are less than half of what they were the previous month. This was the result of following the new Google guidelines that require local service businesses without a storefront to check a box that says “This business serves […]

I’ve been advising others about their search presence since 2002, and this is the first time I recall ever telling someone to do something that could ultimately hurt them. Please consider this a “retraction” to my prior advice, and read it carefully. For years I’ve believed that local service businesses should be visible on Google […]