This Wednesday, May 30th in the ever changing world of local search, Google officially announced the “end” of “Google Places” and they are merging it with Google Plus (Google+). This has been written up quite extensively already, but I thought I’d chime in on where I think “Google Plusaces” is going next… As you can see, […]

This is just quick update to show that my Google Places impressions over the past 30 days are less than half of what they were the previous month. This was the result of following the new Google guidelines that require local service businesses without a storefront to check a box that says “This business serves […]

I’ve been advising others about their search presence since 2002, and this is the first time I recall ever telling someone to do something that could ultimately hurt them. Please consider this a “retraction” to my prior advice, and read it carefully. For years I’ve believed that local service businesses should be visible on Google […]

In a stunning move, even as the dust settles from their deindexing of some blog networks last week, Google is announcing a brand new ranking algorithm designed to level the playing field for domains in competitive industries. Each year, Google changes its search algorithm 400 to 600 times. While most of these changes are minor, every few […]

Last night I did a search on Google because my wife had her car window smashed by some Portlandia hooligans  while she was watching the Central Catholic High School play. The first result for “emergency auto glass repair” was Glass Doctor, and it was a combined local listing, so I picked up the phone and […]

Doing a little bit if research, I noticed what I thought was odd behavior in Google local, taking me to directories instead of to a business, so I immediately jumped to a conclusion (imagine that!) and Twittered about it, pinging @davidmihm and @chiropractic Michael looked into it… and David thought it was odd too, so […]

You MUST know that Google can instantly tell whether a certain Google user who just left a review is a “real” user or not, right? Google has access to everything a user does from their web browsing history to their Gmail habits, and they have for years. They even know where you live, so creating […]

It looks like Google Boost has undergone a name change to AdWords Express, but it appears everything else has remained the same. (update 7/26 – Google just announced the change) This morning while logging in to a client’s Google Places account, instead of seeing “create a Boost ad” or “See my Boost Dashboard” I’m seeing […]

If you look at the Wikipedia definition of a scraper website, it says “A scraper site is a spam website that copies all of its content from other websites”. Well Google has a new project, that in my opinion, is basically just a well done Google scraper. Over the past dozen years or so, the […]

I got a phone call today, that began “I’m with Google…” and of course I was highly skeptical. I take marketing calls for several clients, and this is the standard opening line for multiple unscrupulous SEO companies. After just a minute, I realized it was the real thing, and he said he was part of […]

This morning I got an e-mail regarding a domain from Google Webmaster Tools, pointing out that “…some of your pages were using techniques that are outside our quality guidelines”. Wow! What the…? It went on to say that “pages from are scheduled to be removed temporarily from our search results for at least 30 […]

I just tried to leave a review at Google, while I was logged in, and instead of being given the old review screen, I was asked to set up a new profile. Here, it’s easier to show you… (*update four months later the name “Hotpot has finally been dumped. What a dumb idea that was […]