Mark this date down in history, because Google is getting really ambitious today. First they rolled out the ability to search future Web content,  which is really slick. Although currently its active only in Australia, It will work on all .com domains,  including my own, so I was able to easily take care of my […]

Here’s what I went through on Christmas Day, just to get songs we legally purchased through Itunes to play on my kids new MP3 players… I will never spend another dollar with Itunes after what I went through. Tell me again why anyone would pay $.99 a song, only to (eventually) figure out that you’re […]

Although it’s been reported by lots of news outlets and search engine writers, my kids still had not heard that Google has teamed up with Norad this year to help improve it’s Santa tracking using Google Earth. It’s pretty amazing, and you’d better go take a look right now!

I have personally suffered from many of these afflictions below, and as a result, I’ve had a loss of productivity, loss of time, and most likely a loss of income. This started out to be a quick list of things that I could do to improve in 2008, and it wasn’t going to be an […]

Do you want to know what fascinates me the most about Internet marketing, and that I find really enjoyable about this business? It’s the speed at which things can happen if someone has an idea. A person can go from an initial concept to an actual reality in a matter of just a few minutes, […]

Tonight in Las Vegas I’m going to a dinner with one of the smartest people in the world when it comes to search, Jerry West, of Web marketing now. I’ve done nothing special to get the invitation (other than remain a subscriber over the years) but it’s going to be a treat to hang out. […]

Spots are filling up fast for the poker tournament this Thursday night in Las Vegas. Dr. David Klein has done a good job getting the word out, and there are some pretty big names in search playing. I’m not a big time poker player or anything, but it should be fun to hang out with […]

There’s an online community of search engine marketers called Gooruze that’s picking up steam, and I’ve been lurking there quietly for the past month or so.  The information available there is phenomenal, and I strongly recommend a visit, and signing up for this free community. There are great areas for beginners to get a lot […]

It’s official – Search Commander Inc. will not be engaging any new search marketing clients through the remainder of 2007, and possibly longer. Those close to me know this has been coming for a while now, but I wanted to wait until the expiration of any pending proposals that were out there so this wouldn’t […]

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the SMX social media event in new York city next week, and now I’m even more disappointed. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted not going to a specific event so much before, and not just because I’m missing great content, but because this is a great way to spend an […]

When I first wanted to take classes in search engine optimization, my options were pretty limited, and there were no Oregon search engine marketing classes offered anywhere that I was aware of. After narrowing it down to just a couple of choices, I settled on attending John Alexander and Robin Nobles’ Search Engine Workshops, in […]

Next week is the San Jose Search Engine Strategies show, and I’m going a day early, because I have a good friend I’ve known since high school that lives in the area. During the conference, I do have a couple of meetings lined up with both vendors and potential clients, however, much of my time […]