12th May 2006

In your Internet Explorer web browser, do some websites appear to be “broken”?

Do Flash menus and some other web page items frequently have a dotted line around them?

When you put your mouse over them, do you see a small yellow box proclaiming that you should “click to activate and use this control”?

A recent Microsoft Internet Explorer security update has “fixed” this vulnerability for you, causing you to have to “patch their patch”, if you want to use these menus and items on certain websites.

Ultimately, the responsibility of safe and compatible web design lies in the hands of web designers, however, at the moment, it’s YOU that’s inconvenienced.

To fix this annoying “protection’ that Microsoft has imposed upon you via automatic updates, you can either use the Firefox web browser or visit Microsofts website and download their “patch for their patch” – here

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