18th March 2006
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I post at SearchCommander.com now, and this post was published 10 years 7 months 8 days ago. This insustry changes FAST, so blindly following the advice here *may not* be a good idea! If you're at all unsure, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and ask.

If you’re a client or subscriber of mine, would you please take a quick minute to comment on your experiences?
All comments will remain unedited (assuming they’re family friendly!) and anonymity is allowed, although not preferred.

I’m putting this shameless request here because my website is sorely lacking in customer testimonials. I’ve received plenty of positive emails and phone calls over the years, but I’ve never taken the time to put them on my website, and I would sure appreciate any time you could spare, however brief. (also have an old references page here)

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    22 Responses to Customer comments

    1. Jane Paulson says:

      Scott has been our computer consultant for several years now. He is always on top of the latest changes and technology and is always accessible. He keeps our website placing high among the search engines. We trust him implicitly and would and do recommend him to anyone who needs a computer consultant.

    2. I am the owner of California Air Duct Cleaning I have been working with Scott Hendison.Com for three years now. When I first started I really did not know what I needed as a web site. Scott Hendison helped me through the process showing me the diffrent categories,and why it would benefit me.

      Over time I have asked Mr Hendison to make several changes to me site not only did he do this in a timely fashion he also made other suggestions that were profitable, and rewarding in the comments that I received on my site. I highly recommend Scott to anyone and have. I know how important referrals are to all businesses so fell free to call me.

      Randy 916-213-4642

    3. Pete Forsyth says:

      Scott is very knowledgeable about getting web sites to appear in search results. He is also extraordinarily good at communicating his knowledge to novices, computer experts, and everyone in between.

      With his help, I was able to help a friend get her campaign web site to score high on Google, Yahoo, and MSN searches in just a few days.

      Bottom line: Scott’s techniques work, and work well. Highly recommended.

    4. Kyle Evans says:

      O.K. so this stuff really does work!
      My rank on search of “encaustic artist” is now #16.

      Before, I wasn’t even in the top 1000. Once Dmoz gets it together, I think it should put me in the top 5…which is where I am if you search under my name: #3.

      Thanks again for the guidance.
      Kyle Evans http://www.evansfineart.com

      *Scott’s note – Kyle has been page 1 above the fold since Fall 2006

    5. Rick Sheldon says:

      Over the past year I have tried three different online SEO consultants which left me nothing but frustrated. I contacted Scott several months ago and he convinced me that he could help us rectify our problems. I gave him the job and within two months time Scott has provided us with substantial results. Another thing I like about Scott is when I call he answers the phone, if I do have to leave a message, he gets right back to me in minutes.(not days) Feel free to contact me with any questions. 503-826-8706 or if you would like to visit our site at: http://www.saveonpromotionalproducts.com

    6. Kim Pedersen says:

      The knowledge we have gained through Scott’s help was well worth the reasonable charges for his services. I look forward to implementing more of his many great suggestions to improve our website. Thanks!

    7. Simon says:

      I have known Scott for a good 2 years. He is an exceptional SEO who is always willing to help with patience and curiosity.

      I recommend Scott highly.
      Thanks for all your help Scott!

    8. Mark Strauss says:

      It’s one thing to have a pretty looking site but if it doesn’t get the results that you need then it really is a waste of time. Scott listened to my problem, evaluated my website then came up with the solution of what it would take to improve my ranking and convert my website traffic.

      Scott put the time and research in and provided my design team with a 15-minute presentation that established the foundation of what it would take to have a successful web presence. Scott understands that it’s not just getting that ranking but what will it take to convert that traffic. He was very responsive to my inquiries and requests and had gone the extra mile to communicate with my web development team. Without a doubt I would recommend utilizing Scott’s services, please contact me with any questions that you might have. Mark Strauss 503-296-0077, http://www.oregoninsuranceadvisor.com.

    9. Scott has been my computer go-to guy for many years and has always been a great resource at a great price. He has also hosted my website for several years and is very patient with my ridiculously simple (for him) questions. Very responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!

    10. seo says:

      I look forward to implementing more of his many great suggestions to improve our website. Thanks!

    11. Brad Mosher says:

      Scott has been working with our company to optimize our organic search results.

      Right out of the gate, Scott provided us with a copious amount of comprehensive feedback in several forms (spreadsheets, descriptive email, phone conversations and video-capture navigation of our site). His industry knowledge and accessibility have made him a valuable member of our web optimization team.

      Scott made the complicated process of search engine optimization accessible and provided us with clear goals to make our site a strong contender in a highly competitive industry. I strongly endorse Scott to anyone interested in improving their search engine rankings.

    12. We have been working with Scott now for a little over two years. In 2004, we set up a new domain name, and I was discouraged that we were not making headway with search engine rankings. Luckily I stumbled across Scott’s website and that all changed.

      Scott had several suggestions to help us break down the walls that were hindering our results, and he created new programs for us to help optimize our website pages. Since we started with Scott we went from ‘not being found’ for important keywords like, ‘greenhouse kits’ and ‘greenhouse supplies’, to landing in the number one position on Google! We also have more unique visitors to our website than ever – up over 1200% since we started working with Scott.

      I have enjoyed working with Scott and appreciate his honesty and integrity. I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with organic SEO.

      Michelle Torres
      Marketing Manager

    13. Simon says:

      Scott has been an invaluable help to my online businesses, providing current advice on technical problems on my various websites covering design, marketing and other issues.

      Scott’s informal but professional and courteous approach is always appreciated!

      Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed.

      Simon Skinner

    14. Scott,

      Thanks. This is the second time you have spent the better part of one full hour on the phone with me, not including speaking with me from your vacation in Mexico. So far you have not made any money off of me but you have given of your time generously. You and I run our business similarly, I will also give freely of my time to clients whether they hire me or not because it’s good will (and they normally do anyway).

      We feel very good about your service and ability. Unfortunately we are tied in with others right now but we very much look forward to working with you one day in the future.

      As to potential clients, they would have to perceive they same thing we have. That is, a pleasant and knowledgeable guy willing to give freely of his time.

      You are definitely the guy to go with for SEO consulting. Until next time, 🙂

    15. Ronnie says:

      I contacted Scott to host my websites because I wanted to go with a company in the Portland Metro area. I wanted to make sure that my information was being housed right here in the Rose City. Scott has been nothing but gracious over the past three years. He goes above and beyond in every single way–and a whiz at technical support.

    16. Dan Dunn says:

      It is easy to tell when you have the opportunity to work with someone who really loves what they do. Scott Hendison’s enthusiasm, integrity and knowledge of the SEM/SEO industry comes through the first time you speak with him.

      Beyond earning your business, Scott has always given me the impression that he genuinely wants to help people to better understand what can be a confusing, complex and sometimes downright frustrating business.

      I would highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to enhance their company’s online presence.

    17. Scott I would like to thank your support staff for helping me with a hige PHP problem.
      I understand that they are there to provide hosting and netowrk support and not programming support.

      I understand that they went above and beyond the call of duty and I am grateful for their professional, quick and courteous approach.

      Please thank them on my behalf.

      Simon S

    18. Mark F says:

      Scott is amazing in his skill, knowledge and patience…. Scott and his team have completely redone are website and we very excited about it. The process has gone so smoothly and quickly we have been amazed with the results. I would highly recommend this top notch team anytime.

      Sincerely, Mark

    19. The first time I called Scott about hosting our site I knew we had a winner. He was very helpful in getting us set up and his responses to our support requests have been prompt and, more importantly, correct.

      We have been with Scott for a year now and look forward to another as trouble free as the last.

      I would not hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone wanting good service at a fair price.

      Charlie Olsen

    20. Adam Wilson says:

      I found Scott through Google a year ago. His straight forward approach to reviewing our website for SEO was very instructive and easy to follow.

      After a year of having him work on our site we have seen a dramatic increase in site activity as well as the stress free ability to trust him to stay up to date with all the newest advances. Our site went from unfindable to top 10 in most of our keywords in a matter of months.

      We highly recommend him as a consultant for anyone wanting to increase your search rankings.

    21. Scott with Search Commander is one of the smartest and most successful people I know. He has helped me with my computer systems for over 10 years including hardware, software, networking, website development, and internet search marketing. His knowledge is unmatched and his video feedback is concise and extremely instructive. I can recommend Search Commander without reservation.

    22. Ron Sloy says:

      In my profession, as a Registered Investment Advisor that focuses on retirement dollars, one of the most important services I can provide to my clients is communication. I strive for high quality long-term relationships, as I hope to work with my clients not just for years, but for decades and generations. With that being said it’s very important for my clients to know who I am as a businessman and personally as well. That’s why I wanted to work with Scott Hendison and develop this site, to help push my communication efforts with clients and prospects alike. Scott has been wonderful to work with. He took the time to understand who I am and what I wanted, before diving into the task of actually building my site. That spoke volumes to me, and it shows in the end product. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend his services to anyone looking for help with their web site needs.


      Ron Sloy
      Sloy, Dahl & Holst, Inc.

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