16th August 2005
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Well, three days with the Palm Treo 650, and this morning on the road, 20 minutes from home on a 2 hour drive, the phone started rebooting randomly.

I might have lived with it for the day, but with this phone, every time it powers on, the phone is turned off by default, (How dumb is that?) So, therefore my phone was always off. Soft reboot didn’t fix, so I went to a Verizion store, where I had to return/exchange it.

Of course, the Verizon store had no cable to move the calendar and phone book, and Palm won’t apparently allow beaming the whole address book and calendar, so I spent the day without my contacts and calendar, until I got home to sync.

I tried to get them again to turn on my Kyocera 7135, and they refused, saying they’re not ALLOWED t oby the government since it has no GPS. What a crock!

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