This morning it looks like Microsoft is offering 44.6 billion dollars to buy Yahoo. Holy Cow. That’s a far cry from the usual things I see when I browse my morning Twitter feed. Actually, I’ve been wondering what’s taken them so long, since it’s clear they’re not going to get decent market share any other […]

All month, Yahoo site explorer has been excruciatingly slow, and this morning it appears to be completely unusable. I suppose it could be Comcats, or some problem in beteween us, but it’s been going on for over a week. Just trying to do a simple backlink check can take over a minute or more,  and […]

In a blog post in July about Yahoo selling its SERPS, I pointed out that a search for Special K cereal came up with the Special K logo, any clearly paid advertisement at the top of the page. That blog post got submitted to the new (at the time) social networking site called Sphinn, which […]

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about Yahoo selling its search results , and now I’m seeing another anomaly that appears as if those “unmarked, yet sponsored serps” may be available for sale in other ways too. If you do a search on Yahoo right now for “Wii”, you’ll be given all […]

I’m not talking about them selling the company, (although there are rumors) I’m talking about their integrity and their overall credibility as a search engine, by appearing to sell the number one organic search result to the highest bidder. Yesterday I attended the Internet strategy conference in Portland, and one of the speakers was Cammie […]