*Last updated July 2013* – This post has been several years in the making, because since 2007, as fast as I’ve written things down in the notes, new WordPress plugins keep getting built and I’d have to scratch them out. Sometimes we build plugins we need ourselves, as was the case with my desire to […]

What is it about BuddyPress that makes the best WordPress SEO plugins in the world, almost universally fail to function as the author intended? The issue at hand was that the East Portland Chamber of Commerce was using Yoasts SEO Plugin and BuddyPress as a Business directory. The site was SEO’d great, etc. but it had no unique title […]

Download from Here  – After importing, go to the settings page to fine tune a little for your site, like adding your site name. Also, you must check the Yoast social area to ensure correct client Facebook and Twitter are used.  One of the things I like most about the WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast is that […]

If you use WordPress to manage a website, thanks to their auto-save feature, and the fact that it stores every revision you ever make, the database can grow quite large. In turn, I can tell you from experience, that someday, when you least expect it and can least afford it, your large database filled with […]

There is something wrong the widget behavior when I log into a few sites, but ONLY with my own login credentials, and the drag and drop features don’t seem to work. Not only is drag and drop disabled, but there is a completely different interface for each and every widget, forcing me to manually choose […]

I’m really looking forward to giving this year’s Pubcon presentations, not only because I’m heading to Las Vegas, November 8-12 for the longest running internet marketing conference, but because in both sessions, I get to speak about things that I have a strong passion for. This year I’ll be speaking in two sessions, the first […]

I’m proud to announce that we are one of the sponsors for Portland WordCamp 2010 that is taking place this weekend, although I’m very disappointed that I can’t go. When I was first approached about sponsorship, I wasn’t really sure that it would be a huge value for me, but the more I thought about […]

I accidentally came upon another way that WordPress isn’t working quite right, so I made a quick 2 minute video. Over at SEO Automatic, I had created a page long ago to use for a new feature, my Automatic SEO Tip of the Week but I never made it live because I didn’t yet have […]

I love WordPress, I really do, but i just screwed up a site by changing a bunch of permalinks to 302’s. Worse, WP won’t allow me to change it back without digging into the database, so I effectively rendered my child page permalinks (URLs) useless. In this short video I’ll show you exactly what not […]

I’ll bet you $1000 that if we took an existing and well established default site installation today, and first upgraded it to WP 2.82, then we set WP up correctly with our chosen SEO plug-ins, correct permalinks, etc. that we would LOSE rankings in the search engines within 90 days. Why? Because all of the […]

In WordPress, the traditional behavior of the past few months has been that if you edit the Permalink of a page or post, the old URL will generate a 301 (permanent) redirect to the new URL. This action follows SEO best practices, and in general it follows anyone’s common sense. It tells search engines that […]

I can’t even begin to count the number of WordPress blogs that I’ve set up personally, much less count how many have been done by various members of our team. We used to use an actual checklist, to ensure that everything was done the right way with consistency, and for optimal visibility in the search […]