We got hit today with another 48 hours of Microsoft spam blacklisting, this time because a brand new hosting client sent out 30,000 e-mails in one day. When I looked at the website of this new client, I did have just the slightest hesitation when I saw that he was an Internet marketer, however it […]

This morning, email and website access is sporadic (at best) on the PDXTC servers, and it is slowly being restored. For what it’s worth, the problem was not actually on our end, but in the middle, with one of Portland’s primary bandwith providers making a stupid mistake. i know that’s of little consolation, but it’s […]

A dozen years ago or so, I had one password that I used for everything, and it wasn’t until some bad experiences that I understood the wisdom of having stronger passwords. That said, to this day, I have some very simple passwords for literally dozens of online accounts I have in various places, because there’s […]

If you’re one of our 900 hosting customers having sporadic trouble with email for the past 36 hours, here’s the deal, and we’re pretty sure it’s totally unrelated to my public criticism of Linux Magic. At approximately 7:45AM Pacific, one of the PDXTC shared mail servers (mail2.pdxtc.com) was determined to be in a critical state […]

Qwest Internet service here in Portland Oregon has apparently begun to randomly block port 25 for its customers, just like Comcast did last year. This renders users helpless to send email using their own domain from their web host’s email server like most businesses do. Also just like Comcast, they are not doing it to […]

Another Portland web hosting user has been removed from our network because they are unable to follow the following instructions: User E-mail rules for Web Hosting Clients: Do not send unsolicited e-mail to your clients or customers unless you are using an approved third-party mail delivery method that is compliant with the current standards for […]

Stompernet is one of the most expensive programs on the Web, but it is also one of the best. I’ve been a member all of 2007, and I continue to shell out my money month after month, never ceasing to be amazed at the rich flow of information both from faculty and from other members. […]

There is an entire industry that does nothing except buy and resell expired domain names, and most of their inventory comes from grabbing the expired domain names of businesses just like yours. Knowing these ten items below could save you hours of time & aggravation, and save your businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars. […]

Search Commander hosting clients have noticed a problem sending to AOL email addreses this week. The problem? It doesn’t arrive! Why? As webhosts, we our hosting IP addresses from ARIN, the primary provider of IP addresses in the US and Canada. AOL, in all their wisdom, is refusing to recognize that these new addresses exist […]

That’s how long nearly 70 Portland web hosting servers were down this afternoon, and 5 of those web servers were mine. I had 170 affected customer domains, and what felt like that many phone calls! Ugh. Talk about frustrating! The problem ended up being a. IP address change that Time Warner made, (TW is is […]

If you are a web hosting customer of ours, this is an urgent wake up call. By the end of 2006, your site may no longer function properly unless you act now. Microsoft has already discontinued Unix server support for Front Page, and Windows hosting support is likely not far behind. Recently Microsoft announced that […]

As an Oregon web host with 5 servers located in downtown Portland, I cannot afford to have any down time, or have any delays in getting help when I need it. I need those machines running 24/7 with reliable backup, remote monitoring, and emergency recovery assistance. Do I have time to do that myself? No […]