As pointed out over a month ago by Sucuri, brute force attacks on WordPress are on the rise, and this past week the entire web hosting world was rocked by a coordinated and persistent attack on WordPress that has attempted (and continues to attempt) to gain access to millions of WordPress installations. The ‘official’ details […]

Have you ever gotten a spam message that looks like it came from your own e-mail address? Or, have you ever replied to a spam e-mail, assuming that it will go back to the person that actually sent it, only to have them tell you that they never did send it? We recently had a […]

I’m really looking forward to giving this year’s Pubcon presentations, not only because I’m heading to Las Vegas, November 8-12 for the longest running internet marketing conference, but because in both sessions, I get to speak about things that I have a strong passion for. This year I’ll be speaking in two sessions, the first […]

Friday morning here in Portland, a web hosting customer could not check their email without an error saying that their mail server wasn’t found, and they couldn’t see their own website either. Initial attempts to help her proved fruitless, and after trying everything, she was sadly told that it appeared to be a Frontier DNS […]

If you leave your mail on the server, then it will eventually fill up, and when people try to e-mail or reply, they’ll get “the mailbox is over quota” or  something similar as a bounce-back message. When that happens, you are going to have to either empty some of the mail, or increase the size […]

There’s a set of “requirements” called Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) that was developed by the PCISSC  Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. I first heard of these “requirements” in the bar on the last day at Pubcon Vegas 2008, where someone said “Trust me, you’d BETTER learn about it, because they’ll […]

I need to officially announce some recent changes to the e-mail configuration of our servers that may have caused some distress for our hosting clients, and I’d like to clear that up right now. As of mid April 2010, any email address (whether we are hosting them or not) that sends more than 25 e-mails […]

One of our mail servers has again been added to a spam blacklist, meaning that we are banned from sending e-mail, undoubtedly due to one of our hosting customers who has been sending bulk e-mail. Technically, we can still send, but the users at Yahoo, MSN, and dozens of other providers will temporarily not accept […]

We’ve had another web hosting customer screw things up for everyone else on their shared mail server by sending unsolicited e-mail, which is against our terms of service. I’ve written about this before, more than once, and this user has received no warnings, gets no second chances, and their web hosting account, including all e-mail […]

PDXTC Hosting will be performing emergency maintenance on the LINUX6 Web Server ( starting immediately. During the past seven days users that host websites and web applications on this server may have noticed frequent outages due to a hardware configuration issue on this server. We will be replacing this server during the afternoon and evening […]

I’ll bet you $1000 that if we took an existing and well established default site installation today, and first upgraded it to WP 2.82, then we set WP up correctly with our chosen SEO plug-ins, correct permalinks, etc. that we would LOSE rankings in the search engines within 90 days. Why? Because all of the […]

I’ve had my share of issues with Comcast in the past, and this one is just as frustrating. Just like many of my issues with them so far, it’s completely inconsistent from market to market, so their support department seems to know nothing about it. Anyone hosting their own domain somewhere, yet having Comcast as […]