At this time of year, a lot of people might fall for this Amazon phishing scam, and it could lead to disastrous consequences. I buy a lot of stuff at Amazon, especially at this time of year. This email ended up in my in-box on the same day as several purchases I made,  so at […]

Two weeks ago, House Bill 2463 passed the Oregon House unanimously – 60 to zero to legally require computer workers to report any discovered child porn. Failure to do so can include a penalty of $6,250, up to a year in jail, or both. Wow. Well it’s about time they all agreed on something – […]

This has been the most technologically devastating week of my life, and I consider myself extremely fortunate. Why “fortunate”?  Because I had good backups and only lost two days of my life, instead of suffering permanent damage. After two days of “fixing”, things are pretty much back to normal, but the time lost over the […]

I received a “threatening” email yesterday from Jeremy Wyss at Peak Studios that I just have to share here after posting it last night on Twittter. Spurred on by ReTweets from internet marketers like Todd Mintz, Greg Boser, Aaron Chronster,  David Mihm Michael Dorausch (OK, sorry, that’s too much work, but here are dozens more […]

We just fixed an instance of a domain which appeared fine when visited directly, but when coming from the search results, all users were being redirected. Because of my recent personal virus experience  redirecting my visits from search results I was thrown off at first,  but it turned out that all users coming from search […]

I was 45 minutes from leaving for the airport, moving stuff to my laptop, and tying up loose ends before traveling to Affiliate Convention. The last thing I needed was a computer problem. Update 12/8 – I just got back, and it’s not fixed! Please see the bottom of this post where I’ll continue to […]

There seems to be a new scam going around, that’s a new twist on an old game. The old scams set out to steal your domain names under the banner of Liberty names of America”  or “Domain Registry of America”   and the way they do it is to send domain owners what appears to be […]

Did you get a twitter message that says this? rofl – this you on here? – Then that’s followed by a link to see a video, but is appears as if you’re suddenly logged out of Twitter? Don’t be fooled and DON’T log in ! It’s a Twitter phishing scam to get your password, and […]

In light of recent news about Microsoft and Yahoo search, I almost fell for this bogus e-mail, which is a phishing expedition for usernames and passwords. The fact that I’ve been advertising an affiliate offer heavily in Yahoo Sponsored Search over the past three weeks, and the fact that I just read about a new […]

In the fall of 2008, a Portland Oregon small business owner found a local developer, and told him that she’d like to have her website redone, and she wanted some search visibility. Her current site was old, not showing in the results, and she’d lost track of the original web designer. So, after a few […]

A dozen years ago or so, I had one password that I used for everything, and it wasn’t until some bad experiences that I understood the wisdom of having stronger passwords. That said, to this day, I have some very simple passwords for literally dozens of online accounts I have in various places, because there’s […]

Peak Studios is a “search marketing firm” in Colorado that deserves special recognition for being incredibly stupid. Apparently, they’ve decided to leave fake negative reviews on my local business profile in Google, and they’ve done the same thing to several other members of the SEMpdx board of directors. The owner, Quince Wyss, has now moved […]