The SEO Automatic URL Review for Android is finally available, and it covers all the same ranking factors that the web version does. Just like the iPhone app, the only difference between the free version and the paid version is that you can e-mail reports from the paid version. I wouldn’t call this breaking news […]

Yesterday afternoon PDXTC had a report that a website we were hosting was down, but the server administrators said that it was up. An hour later, we had a second report of another website down, and the admins claimed it was up as well, and that’s where I got involved. I was working from home, […]

I’ve had my share of issues with Comcast in the past, and this one is just as frustrating. Just like many of my issues with them so far, it’s completely inconsistent from market to market, so their support department seems to know nothing about it. Anyone hosting their own domain somewhere, yet having Comcast as […]

There’s been a nice addition to one of my favorite pieces of link building helper software with this morning’s update. It just keeps getting better and better to help your employees make their link building time actually count, and actually build a couple of links, instead of doing research. Added: “Toggle Highlighting “NoFollow” Links” option. […]

Wowpen One of the few things I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show that really made me say “Wow” was this invention, that enables the user to write on a regular pad of paper with a wireless pen sized device, and have the words pictures and characters instantly displayed on the computer screen. I got […]

Nothing from CES that I picture here will change the world, but it was stuff I found pretty cool all the same. Most of the pictures I took on the fly as I was going by, and I really have no other information about them, so I’m unable to provide a link. However, I’m sure […]

There’s an online community of search engine marketers called Gooruze that’s picking up steam, and I’ve been lurking there quietly for the past month or so.  The information available there is phenomenal, and I strongly recommend a visit, and signing up for this free community. There are great areas for beginners to get a lot […]

On my blog, the Blog Rush widget is showing links to those that do not have the widget installed, and I believe I’ve figured out why. On the home page of blog Rush today, they address some of the issues people have been discussing in the blogosphere, and while they don’t address my issue specifically, […]

With Blog Rush, you can easily give links to other people right on your blog, and you might get absolutely nothing in return. Wow, this is going to catch on like wildfire, isn’t it? To be fair, I suspect (hope) it’s just a bug in the program that allows me to link to people that […]

Thursday, August 23, 2007 A 17 year old kid named George Hotz, of New Jersey, successfully completes his summer project to hack (unlock) the iPhone, so that it can be run on any cellular service, not just AT&T. He posted all 10 steps to his blog and by Friday,  made world and national news on […]

You’re not alone… Users all over the country are finding out daily that suddenly, for no apparent reason at all, they are unable to send mail if they want people to reply to their business or personal e-mail addressed other than one that is This is because Comcast is blocking port 25 , which […]

As an avid listener of Internet radio in various forms, I’m proud to be a resident of Oregon, where two of our congressmen, Ron Wyden and Earl Blumenauer cosponsored a bill to preserve Internet radio. Today, the courts denied an emergency stay requested on behalf of Internet radio broadcasters and their millions of listeners, and […]