When I first wrote my article called a proper foundation for search results back in 2004, I admit that really had no idea that there were so many other factors involved in rankings. That article morphed into an entire SEO 101 section in 2006, but even that isn’t complete, because things are always changing, and […]

This is an overview of a rural Oregon realtor website, but needs many, if not all, of the basic fundamentals of SEO101. When you’re trying to build links for a real estate site you have to give people a reason to link to you, by providing valuable information that their own visitors will appreciate.

This website is basically a Portland, Oregon business directory, but many of the individual pages are not being found in the search engines. This applies not only to queries for phrases, but for specific URLs to0, which indicates a potential structural problem. This video points out some possibilities why, and also covers some fundamental search […]

The morning started out great with a buffet breakfast of rosemary potatoes, scrambled eggs, chicken apple sausage, thick sliced bacon, and an assortment of bagels and breakfast breads. I’m typically not a breakfast eater but I’ll never turn down something like this, and I piled my plate high and when into our private dining room. […]