Google Instant was rolled out to the world yesterday, which changes the way search results appear. Rather than waiting for you to push a button that says “search”, as you type, search results will simply appear, based on whatever you’re typing. Although I HAVE seen it happen while I’m not logged into Google, I’ve also […]

The SEO Automatic URL Review for Android is finally available, and it covers all the same ranking factors that the web version does. Just like the iPhone app, the only difference between the free version and the paid version is that you can e-mail reports from the paid version. I wouldn’t call this breaking news […]

Last week users began reporting that Google’s search results (and the PPC ads) began changing right before their eyes. I just saw it for the first time, but then it stopped immediately and hasn’t done it again. As users type, Google and Binghoo both offer “suggestions” based on what others are searching for with some […]

Inside of Google Webmaster Tools, there is an option called “Fetch As Googlebot” that is supposed to go crawl that page and return what it sees. Until this moment, I’ve never had much use for this, but that’s not the case now! I discovered a problem when a website which had been hacked and then […]

We have a client that has been using OS commerce forever, and we have a good number of links established to the various sections of their e-commerce store. For various reasons, they are looking for a new e-commerce system, and appear to have settled on what I’ll call (for now) Product X. Several weeks ago, […]

I received a marketing e-mail that was cleverly worded, and since I’m interested in local marketing, I clicked the link. When I got there though, the message I received wasn’t exactly a perfect sales pitch. The e-mail I got told me that my business name was listed incorrectly on the major search engines, and I […]

I love WordPress, I really do, but i just screwed up a site by changing a bunch of permalinks to 302’s. Worse, WP won’t allow me to change it back without digging into the database, so I effectively rendered my child page permalinks (URLs) useless. In this short video I’ll show you exactly what not […]

AS OF MID 2011 THIS IS OUTDATED AND DANGEROUS – DO NOT DO IT! Simply put, a Link Wheel is a group of pages on different hosts, that are about a specific product, subject or service, which all link to each other, and also link to a particular URL, or “money site”. Some call them “link […]

This week marks our release of the SEO Review Iphone version of SEO Automatic, and it provided unlimited access to run as many urls as you wish. If you’ve never used my instant SEO review before, then you should probably check that out first. It gives you a detailed analysis and my personal opinion of […]

Last night my kids had football practice, and I had an 8pm commitment too, but I wanted to attend last nights monthly SEMpdx event, which was David Mihm’s presentation on local search. Recently, I’ve found myself working with some very small local businesses, and several sites for friends and casual acquaintances. I wanted to see […]

While browsing through the stats of some (very poorly maintained) sites of our own, I found one that had zero traffic for quite a few weeks. Visiting the site, I saw no site, and just a “Cannot connect to database” error. A glance at the toolbar showed me a PR zero, and indexed pages in […]

I’ll bet you $1000 that if we took an existing and well established default site installation today, and first upgraded it to WP 2.82, then we set WP up correctly with our chosen SEO plug-ins, correct permalinks, etc. that we would LOSE rankings in the search engines within 90 days. Why? Because all of the […]