This is an overview of a rural Oregon realtor website, but needs many, if not all, of the basic fundamentals of SEO101. When you’re trying to build links for a real estate site you have to give people a reason to link to you, by providing valuable information that their own visitors will appreciate.

This business is a maker of a software product for retirement communities, yet the search engines seem to be having problems understanding that. This video points out exactly why, with some very basic fundamental search marketing principles.

This website is basically a Portland, Oregon business directory, but many of the individual pages are not being found in the search engines. This applies not only to queries for phrases, but for specific URLs to0, which indicates a potential structural problem. This video points out some possibilities why, and also covers some fundamental search […]

I’ll be on a panel at Innotech this year, because for the first time, there will be live website reviews taking place at the conference,  here in Portland Oregon. The entire conference is scheduled for next Wednesday, April 16th and Thursday April 17th,  but the live SEM Hotseat is Thursday April 17 3:30 PM in […]

I was asked to do a free site review of examining some of the many possibilities why the site doesn’t rank very well. It’s basic SEO-101, but with a little bit more thrown in for good measure…

This site is not exactly what I would call “stellar” but in just under 10 minutes I point out a few things that might be educational to some people trying to take shortcuts on the fast track to success with MFA (Made for Adsense) sites and affiliates. Take a look, and please leave any feedback […]

Is it possible that an Ebook can be a collectors item? Maybe so, because “the guy who wrote the book on SEO”, Aaron Wall has emailed his affiliates to tell us that as of midnight February 20th, it’s no longer going to be for sale, and in it’s place will be something better. (More on […]

You know the drill by now… Searching the web for subject relevant blogs, then posting an intelligent comment that you hope will get you a counted backlink to your own domain or webpage of your choice. It’s a tedious process, but one that’s been proven effective for building backlinks and traffic. However, it takes an […]

This is a large site that turned out to have lots of structural issues, server errors, disappearing pages etc. A bit more than the SEO-101 I though i’d be doing, but a lot got covered, all in just about 12 minutes. As always, anyone else’s input is appreciated, and feel free to point out anything […]

SEMpdx and SAO IPSIG are teaming up to bring a joint internet marketing event to Portland, next Tuesday,February 5, 2008. Similar to other SEMpdx hot seat events, there will be up to five websites reviewed, and site owners may address any questions the wish, from search engine optimization, to linking strategy, to pay per click […] requested one of my free website review videos based on what I consider to be the top SEO 101 factors. Since they have over 170 pages on the site, I went on a bit longer than usual, just over 14 minutes, and also made some specific recommendations, which I’ll try to do more of […]

I have personally suffered from many of these afflictions below, and as a result, I’ve had a loss of productivity, loss of time, and most likely a loss of income. This started out to be a quick list of things that I could do to improve in 2008, and it wasn’t going to be an […]