What is it about BuddyPress that makes the best WordPress SEO plugins in the world, almost universally fail to function as the author intended? The issue at hand was that the East Portland Chamber of Commerce was using Yoasts SEO Plugin and BuddyPress as a Business directory. The site was SEO’d great, etc. but it had no unique title […]

My next internet marketing session is geared towards local businesses, (sign up  here) and is specifically focused on beginners who don’t have technical skills. Web designers who are not SEO’s are also welcome. I suppose if you are an long time SEO that has never delved into the changes in local search before, you’ll also […]

How do you politely explain years and years of progress in SEO to someone that you know is either reading very old information, or is just completely misinformed? If you read the email I got below, that’s what I was faced with, and I answered for the benefit of a current client (potentially getting him […]

The last class that I taught  at Portland Community College was: Saturday, March 5th, and Saturday March 12th 2011 See the current Portland presentation schedule for this year This class is *not* an advanced search marketing class, and in fact, if you are already working in the field of search engine optimization I can say […]

As I promised this morning, I have uploaded my East Portland Chamber of Commerce presentation here, including all of the links that I spoke about. You may open it directly from this link, or just right click here and choose “save as” to get it onto your own computer. For those that weren’t in attendance, […]

This video covers titles, descriptions, keywords, header tags, backlink profile and more for My Elite Contacts, a website for a CRM system. The site is less than a month old, and already well indexed.

Next week is an SEM Hotseat event geared towards beginners. Have you come to search marketing events before and been overwhelmed?  Do you have some SEO questions that you think are too basic?  This is your chance to get that added level of detail and attention you may have been craving at other events. Since […]

You may have a degree in English, but writing for the Web is a little bit different than writing for other forms of media. In the back of your mind you have to be a little bit more conscious about your audience is, and you have to grab their attention, as well as that of […]

This website is for a nutritional supplement designed to help people with anxiety and stress relief products. This video is under five minutes and points out some fundamental problems, summarized here… The reality is that with only a 13 page website, and only 6 of them showing up much in Google at all, it’s going […]

This is a regional remodeling and construction firm located in Vancouver Washington. I covered most of the basics from my SEO101 area, and pointed out an error in the robots.txt file. I hope you find this helpful, and if you have any questions at all please be sure to leave them here, so that everyone […]

This is a website for authors, copywriters and editing help, that is missing a couple of the key fundamentals that I outline in my SEO101 section. The review is just 12 minutes long, but provides important information to the site owner.

Pay per click campaigns can be somewhat tedious to set up, primarily because all the data that you get from the keyword research tools need to be reworked into a more useful list. My new keyword multiplier tool should make it a lot easier! By that, I mean you need to consider every variation that […]