The entire search engine marketing industry is quaking in fear and speculation as you read this, and the organic ranking of many sites is now subject to penalty at Google’s whim. The debate over paid links seems to be coming to a frenzied head this summer, especially since the SES San Jose paid links session […]

After what many are calling the best SES session, Matt Cutts was caught on camera physically expressing his feelings about the way he was treated, as he attempted to strangle Graywolf! During his portion of the session, Michael Gray attacked Google pretty viciously, but did so in a methodical and logical way that was nearly […]

Everyone knows that inbound links to your website are a good thing. Everyone also knows that some are better for you than others. But how do you tell exactly how much more valuable one link is over another? Knowing exactly which link partners you should pursue first, and which ones ones are not worth your […]

Google keeps adding things all the time, and with this one, they’ve made an excellent addition that can be very helpful. You should use it to identify weakly “linked to” areas of your website. Go to your Google Webmaster tools account and log in Notice there’s now a fourth option tab called “Links” between the […]

In no particular order, here are the most important things I was either reminded of, learned, or remember from Pubcon. Always strive for perfection, but don’t wait for it before implementation, or you may never get your projects completed, your product ready, or your web pages uploaded, etc. In his keynote speech, Guy Kawasaki said […]

When I took my first Search Engine Workshop class with John Alexander and Robin Nobles, Ginette Degner taught a session of the class. Since then, each time I’ve returned to SEW, I learned something insightful from her. She’s written a great article here called “10 ways to increase traffic and sales” that you might need […]

Google’s finally done another backlink update over the weekend, and as of Saturday, yourinbound link numbers should show a healthy increase. Go to Google and search for “” (without the quotes) and you will not get a list of every webpage that links to you, but you will get every page that Google is counting, […]