Today I got an email back from someone that was offended by a link removal request we sent them. He not only asked “did you even read my site?” but implied that we “must not like my message of truth” and accused us of some desire to censor his opinion. When I reviewed the site, I […]

I got to thinking about things that I’ve said in the past about linkbuilding, especially where I’ve been dead wrong. Then I wondered if I’d ever written what I (and a lot of SEOs) had believed for a long time  – “I don’t think Google can ever penalize you for inbound links”, and after a […]

At SearchFest, one of the speakers (Rand Fishkin) said this in his morning session “…it’s not a paid link. It’s just a link that you get when you pay money.” I’m paraphrasing here, but it drew a laugh from the crowd because it’s completely true. We all know that Google does not like “paid links”, […]

I was asked to fill in at the off-site SEO session of SearchFest last week, and I worked for days on my slides, intending to give the best presentation that anyone had ever seen. I tried to pack nearly 90 slides into a 25 minute presentation, and after the first half of the slides, I […]

I’m on the events planning committee for SEMpdx, and for the January 2011 meeting, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be one of the three presenters. If this seems a little self-serving, then I apologize, but I promise it will be a good one. With the radical changes in Google that have taken place in […]

AS OF MID 2011 THIS IS OUTDATED AND DANGEROUS – DO NOT DO IT! Simply put, a Link Wheel is a group of pages on different hosts, that are about a specific product, subject or service, which all link to each other, and also link to a particular URL, or “money site”. Some call them “link […]

Before you start giving your staff a hard time about not developing links at a faster pace, or you start sending out those link requests to potential “partners”, ask yourself what’s in it for them? Obviously you can’t pay (gasp) someone to link to you, so what are you offering their visitors that would make […]

There’s been a nice addition to one of my favorite pieces of link building helper software with this morning’s update. It just keeps getting better and better to help your employees make their link building time actually count, and actually build a couple of links, instead of doing research. Added: “Toggle Highlighting “NoFollow” Links” option. […]

About a month ago I decided to try a new link building tool called Linkvana, and I wrote about it on my blog. Now, about 30 days later, I AM still impressed. I HAVE seen ranking improvements, spidering frequency HAS improved, and all can be traced directly related to our LinkVana use, in my opinion. […]

You know the drill by now… Searching the web for subject relevant blogs, then posting an intelligent comment that you hope will get you a counted backlink to your own domain or webpage of your choice. It’s a tedious process, but one that’s been proven effective for building backlinks and traffic. However, it takes an […]

No. This post is dangerously outdated There is no single magic bullet for search engine visibility. However, there is a process that acts as an entire arsenal of magic bullets, and those are structure, content and links. Search engine friendly structure and fundamentally sound SEO principals. Fresh content appropriately added on a regular basis commensurate […]

Good links are hard to come by, but if you throw enough against the wall, something always sticks. By regularly submitting to web directories*, making sure your blog is pinging news services, submitting your RSS feeds, submitting content to article directories, and even by linking to your own internal pages with good anchor text, you’re […]