There were a few changes at Google this month which I’ve been pointing out to clients, so I’m posting them here too. I added the month to my title, because I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of these types of game changers as time goes on. You & I See Different Search Results […]

Aflac is trying to get someone to make changes on their website, claiming that they’re guilty of Federal Trademark violation merely by using the letters a-f-l-a-c as part of a file name. Even more ridiculous, this is being requested of one of their own licensed agents, with a circa 1998 website that’s never even been […]

“Universal Search” was implemented by Google quite a while ago, yet the only visible change to the search results has been occasional interspersing of some video or news. Search was not really “revolutionized” or “changed as we knew it”, and most users have absorbed the subtle addition without even noticing. Likewise, “personalization” has been assimilated […]

I’m leaving this moring for Elite Retreat, and I’m writing this in the airport because my flight is delayed. It occurs to me that I may not be able to productively fill all of my “one on one” time. Have you looked at who’s speaking at Elite Retreat 2009? Can you imagine not having an […]

Over the past couple of years, I’ve put out a few SEO tools, but none have been as well received as my latest addition, SEO Automatic, which gives instant SEO feedback on any given URL. The concept was simple – we needed to be able to review a website and look at all of the […]

Peak Studios is a “search marketing firm” in Colorado that deserves special recognition for being incredibly stupid. Apparently, they’ve decided to leave fake negative reviews on my local business profile in Google, and they’ve done the same thing to several other members of the SEMpdx board of directors. The owner, Quince Wyss, has now moved […]

An attorney got in touch with me a couple of months ago after reading a blog post I had written at SEMpdx. Google had just drastically lowered visibility of the option where new advertisers could opt out of the Content Network in Google AdWords, and I was compelled to point out that I thought it […]

I wrote a few weeks ago on SEMpdx about the fact that if you searched for a domain name on Network Solutions, and then didn’t buy it that moment for their extremely high price, that you cannot go register it elsewhere, because they basically lock it up. Now it appears they’re getting sued for doing […]

This sounds to me like a great thing, being able to bypass all of the bureaucracy involved in bringing fast high speed wireless to rural areas with land lines. There’s a reason we in the United States are NOT the worlds leader in high speed internet, much less wireless, and in my opinion, it has […]

This morning it looks like Microsoft is offering 44.6 billion dollars to buy Yahoo. Holy Cow. That’s a far cry from the usual things I see when I browse my morning Twitter feed. Actually, I’ve been wondering what’s taken them so long, since it’s clear they’re not going to get decent market share any other […]