I’m really looking forward to giving this year’s Pubcon presentations, not only because I’m heading to Las Vegas, November 8-12 for the longest running internet marketing conference, but because in both sessions, I get to speak about things that I have a strong passion for. This year I’ll be speaking in two sessions, the first […]

Okay, catchy headline, I’m guilty. It won’t be the last, but may very well be the best you’ll ever see, if you look at it logically… Regional conferences are showing up all over, dividing the time talent and energy of the conference speakers. After the original SearchFest in 2005 did not return in 2006, SEMpdx […]

This year’s Elite Retreat was every bit as good as last years, and again, i’m really glad I chose to attend.  It was great to see some friends from last year, and I also met some really amazing new attendees. Once again, I feel like I learned almost as much from other attendees as I […]

I’m leaving this moring for Elite Retreat, and I’m writing this in the airport because my flight is delayed. It occurs to me that I may not be able to productively fill all of my “one on one” time. Have you looked at who’s speaking at Elite Retreat 2009? Can you imagine not having an […]

Believe it or not, the board of SEMpdx has been getting a number of emails asking us where to register for SearchFest 2009, coming up in March. So, I figured I would take a minute to point out the SearchFest registration, as well as the entire SearchFest 2009 agenda, and a link to our sponsors. […]

This year’s lineup at Elite Retreat promises to be another winner, and after Jeremy took my request to heart and invited Stephen Spencer to be a panelist, I couldn’t resist, and just signed up to attend again. Stephan (among other things) is the creator of the original SEO Title Tags plugin for WordPress. I’m also […]

I showed up late for breakfast, at about 7:40, which was only 20 minutes before the day was supposed to begin. The buffet (again spectactular) was set up in the hall, so with my backpack over my shoulder, I made my plate, and went inside to try and get a seat. Much to my surprise, […]

The morning started out great with a buffet breakfast of rosemary potatoes, scrambled eggs, chicken apple sausage, thick sliced bacon, and an assortment of bagels and breakfast breads. I’m typically not a breakfast eater but I’ll never turn down something like this, and I piled my plate high and when into our private dining room. […]

As I write this we’re circling San Francisco Airport, and I expect to be told to shut down the computer in a moment, but I wanted to give my blog post about the first night at the elite retreat. There’s a limo that’s supposed to be waiting for me at the airport, and even though […]

As if I needed another reason to be glad I’m attending Elite Retreat this year, Shoemoney has announced that WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg is going to be speaking. I feel that I owe a lot of my personal and client success to my use of the best blogging platform in the world, and I’m really […]

I’ll be filling out my speaker proposal soon for Webmaster World Pubcon 2008, because the date has just been announced, and it’s being moved back to November. Maybe if I submit early I can get a topic more exciting than web hosting and SEO issues 😉 PubCon Las Vegas 2008, will take place at the […]

There are approximately 72 hours remaining for you to obtain a ticket to SearchFest ’08 at more than half off of the non-member door price. Here are the steps… Join SEMpdx Register for the conference. (Price goes up slightly March 1st) Before checkout – apply this additional $40 discount code – SEMBD For those of […]