My trip to the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show was unlike last year, or any other years I’ve gone, because I cut myself short on time. The organization of the show changed quite a bit, and in the past, all of the breakthrough inventions were situated in one giant hall, over at the Sands Expo Center. […]

This year I spent only a bit more than a half day at CES and I stayed only in the Sands Expo Hall, unlike previous shows CES 2006, and CES 2007. Last year for 2008 I was able to write three posts nearly all from the Expo Hall, but it was nearly a third smaller […]

Wowpen One of the few things I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show that really made me say “Wow” was this invention, that enables the user to write on a regular pad of paper with a wireless pen sized device, and have the words pictures and characters instantly displayed on the computer screen. I got […]

Nothing from CES that I picture here will change the world, but it was stuff I found pretty cool all the same. Most of the pictures I took on the fly as I was going by, and I really have no other information about them, so I’m unable to provide a link. However, I’m sure […]

My trip to the Consumer Electronics Show this year was shortened to just one day, so from the time the doors opened until I left for the airport, I roamed up and down the aisles and squeezing through the hordes trying to find the “next big thing”. CES is made up of several shows all […]