With all the buzz lately about Google Plus over the past few weeks, (feel free to test my Plus button on the right) you don’t hear much anymore about Google Contacts, but it’s pretty useful, and I sure hope they don’t kill it off. Don’t get me wrong, Google Plus is going to be great […]

Verizon Wireless just missed a golden opportunity to speak to a group of 25+ computer consultants about why their network, and why their handheld devices were the best choice for clients. They also managed to tick off and alienate that same influential group, by completely blowing them off after giving them the runaround for the […]

This week marks our release of the SEO Review Iphone version of SEO Automatic, and it provided unlimited access to run as many urls as you wish. If you’ve never used my instant SEO review before, then you should probably check that out first. It gives you a detailed analysis and my personal opinion of […]

When I first got my Blackberry, I was stunned and appalled that it would not sync with my email on the server. How ridiculous! This meant that if I did not manually delete my mail from my phone, (choices were one at a time, or “entire day”) then over time it would fill up with […]

Nearly a year and a half ago I mentioned the Google phone was coming, and to everyone’s surprise, it has taken incredibly long. There’s been a lot of speculation in the industry over the past few weeks that it’s coming any time now, and it looks like the day is almost here. I’ve been putting […]

I picked a great day to drop my Blackberry in downtown Portland… One of the best phones I’ve ever had, (8703e) bounced once then landed in a 3 inch deep puddle. It worked for about a minute, then the screen started flickering, then it made a little fizzing sound, and that’s the end. I KNOW […]

My time wouldn’t stay set on my Blackberry, which was driving me crazy. Apparently nobody has told Verizon and Blackberry that daylight savings time came early this year. In the options – 8 times section, of my Blackberry settings, in addition to changing the time to be correct, I had to choose the date/time source […]

*update 3/08 – issue resolved – Blackberry syncs with POP mail Yesterday was the first full day with my Blackberry 8703e. Yes after nearly 6 full months with my old phone, (the ever so fragile and sluggish VX6700), I decided to get a new one. When it arrives, I’m listing my latest insurance replacement phone […]

It was reported today on Good Morning America (or some morning show) that there is a new ringtone for cellular phones that are inaudible to adults. The ramifications for this during school classes and elsewhere will likely be pretty widespread. While I find the technology fascinating, there are some things that are just wrong. In my […]

I just went to make a phone call, and the screen of my XV6700 says this…  “Internal Use Spy” hwnd: 7c078c50 style: 10008004 ex:4 Title: Phone – Class: dialog  Window [0,26]-[240,294] Client 240 x 268 hwnd owner: 000000 Do you want to dump the parent? Yes / No ? Ummm… I’m answering yes…wouldn’t you?  Okay, […]

I just bought a “new” version of Voice Command (July 2005!) and I incorrectly assumed that Voice Command would work via Bluetooth by now, and frankly, I’m shocked that it doesn’t. Although the software is great, and will announce upcoming appointments, and react to spoken commands quite well, it’s amazing that you still have to physically pick […]

  I finally did the unthinkable. I upgraded my phone before I was eligible, and that cost me an extra $250. Why? To recap, In July 2005, I did an upgrade from my 2 year old Kyocera 7135 clamshell PDA/phone to the brand new Samsung i730, which had a full keyboard, broadband internet access, and […]