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Web design Portland Oregon

As Oregon based web developers, our goal is to affordably and efficiently meet your business needs as quickly as possible.


No other Portland web designers can offer the flexibility to accommodate so many budgetary options. Jump to cost


There are many aspects to a websites' design that sometimes don't get considered until the site has been completed, and then it can be too late. 


By asking yourself a few questions, you can eliminate mistakes that can cost money later on.


What kind of questions?

  • What is the purpose of the website? Is it merely for informational purposes or do you hope to attract new customers?

  • What is your goal for each web visitor? Do you sell products online, or merely want to make your phone ring? Do you need a quote or contact form filled out, or a subscription to a newsletter? 

  • Do you have any idea how many people look on Google, MSN or Yahoo for what you offer on any given day, week or month?

  • Do you already have an existing website? If so, this can almost always be utilized for content in the new site. Current webpage names must be kept the same, or redirected at your web host in order to retain what search engine traffic you have now.

  • What is the level of participation you want for you or your staff? Do you have any web maintenance knowledge among your employees? A properly designed site can mean complete self sufficiency allowing you to competitively shop future revisions.

  • What is a blog, and why do you need one? Any website built today should have a blog if attracting new business is one of your goals. Custom blog development can be done to match any existing site design.

Then what?

We discuss your answers to those and questions you may have by phone, and then I'll get back to you promptly with an exact quote for services by email.


How much will it cost?

We can meet almost any budgetary need you may have.

Configured Content Management System - $599

Depending on your needs, a typical website up to 10 pages can easily be kept under $600.


With the addition of custom art, contact forms, e-commerce, databases, blogs, forums, Flash animation, the prices can go up from there. 


For an exact quote, we need to assess your needs, but you can order a site matched Wordpress theme today.


Custom SEO Machine - $1499

As a search marketing expert, I can tell you that there is no substitute for a well-designed website that is specially geared towards being found in the search engines.


We are able to offer a unique installation of an open source content management system that will give you everything I outline in an article I wrote, called

"The Perfect Website"


That article was based on a perfectly configured version of Wordpress, which we are offering now for $1500.

Order the custom Wordpress SEO package.


I use and endorse Wordpress
When I launched my new internet marketing website in the spring of 2007, I had to make a choice between standard web design, or an automated "SEO Machine" that would enable me add content as I saw fit, without thinking about the "SEO" aspects.


I chose the latter, and that's why you'll find that  Search Commander is 100% powered by a custom configuration of the Wordpress content management system.

The days of performing the tedious tasks of "SEO 101" are completely over, if you use a properly configured system.


ALL Wordpress services are now being offered through our partner site,


Some custom WordPress sites


Call me at 503.946.6881 or E-mail me, and we'll schedule a free telephone consultation if you have any questions.

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