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Search Engine Optimization - What is it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website "search engine friendly", so pages rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS). 


You want the search engine to find YOU when your customer types their search phrase in your neighborhood. 


What is it NOT?

It is not paid advertising. That would be Search Engine Marketing (a.k.a SEM). Although both SEO and SEM have the same goal, attracting visitors to your website, they are completely different.


An effective internet campaign will usually involve both paid placement and "organic" search activities, and both can be very effective.

More about SEM


Search Engine Optimization - Why do you need it?

Coming up on the first page of a search engine gives you an  advantage over your competition. Having high ranking WebPages means you'll get more customers. It's that simple.


What do Search Engines really want?

They want to deliver relevant search results that are specific to the search terms entered by the user. In other words, they want to give users what they're looking for.


Your webpage has to be highly relevant to the search term if you want to be found. In other words, you must have content directly related to the search term desired, and give people exactly what they're looking for.

How do Search Engines judge your content?

Search engines look for websites that provide the end user with articles, news, and "how to" information, that is directly related to the exact topic (keyword phrase) that they’ve just searched for. When others link to your site and content, your site becomes more authoritative.


What makes me a world class "SEO expert"?

  • Experience - I’ve been studying search engines since 1999 and usually rank on the front page of most search engines for "internet consultant". I've worked on hundreds of websites, and am currently serving different customers in 5 countries.

  • Knowledge - Initially, I read books and articles by industry experts such as Jill Whalen, Danny Sullivan and Bruce Clay.  I continue to read more than five hours a week of industry newsletters and blogs such as, Planet Ocean, and many others.

  • Search Engine Marketing Classes - I've physically attended over 80 hours of live training classes with John Alexander and Robin Nobles of the Search Engine Workshops.

  • Search Engine Conferences - Annual search industry events that I attend include Webmaster World Pubcon, and Search Engine Strategy Expo.

  • Memberships - I continue to pay fees in excess of $1000 each month to belong to some of the most well informed and exclusive search marketing groups in the world. These memberships include Web Marketing Now and Stompernet, which allow me to remain on the bleeding edge.

  • Proof of Success - Besides finding my own site on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN for phrases like "internet consultant", visit my links and references and check with some of my clients about their satisfaction with my service.

How can I help you with your business?

Not every business needs all these seo services, but they are available. I work with your existing web design team to get you more exposure in the search engines.


For my current rates, visit here.


If you want to know more about how to do it yourself, you should look at my SEO101 information. I have several articles in my articles section, and the web is filled with resources and advertising on the subject like you can't imagine.


If you want to get on an assistance plan, and learn to be self sufficient, call me at 503-946-6881, and we'll take a few minutes to talk about your needs.


Or, you may want it all done for you to minimize your time spent on this new  opportunity to leap ahead of your competition. If that's the case, call me too.


Of course, if you don't already have a website, then you're prematurely jumping ahead of the class! You really should get a website right now. Also, you should read this article about establishing a web presence.


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