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Search Engine Marketing – What is it?

Search Engine Marketing (a.k.a. SEM) used to mean exclusively PPC, or (Pay Per Click), advertising, which meant buying your way to the top to get instant rankings. Now the term encompasses all aspects of getting your website in front of more eyeballs.


These days, search engine marketing has become my own specialty, and in June of 2007, I launched a new website, Search Commander, devoted entirely to search.


PPC Advertising

Yes, the Search Engines are selling their real estate, and in many cases, we can barely distinguish between the paid results and the advertising.

More about Pay Per Click Advertising


  The Lines Have Been Blurred

SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) typically requires changes be made to your website, while SEM was considered just a basic form of advertising.


The Search Engines paid results on the right will indicate "sponsored", but they're still at the top of the pile, so all forms of visibility on the web can be effective.


An effective internet campaign will usually involve both SEM and SEO activities, but both are now universally referred to as SEM.


Search Engine Marketing – Why do you need it?

  • Coming up at the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN gives you an enormous advantage over your competition.

  • Starting a Pay Per Click campaign gives you indisputable results and statistics you can use immediately to form a basis for the future.

  • Your campaign can be built according to precise budgets, limiting costs, guaranteeing ROI, and minimizing risk. What other advertising medium offers that?

What makes me an expert on this?

  • Experience - I’ve been in the computer business since 1996, and have had my own highly ranked websites for many competitive search terms. I'm typically on the front page for search terms like "computer consulting" and "internet consultant".

  • More Experience - In the spring of 2001 I began a Google and an Overture account for health insurance website, and spent nearly a year learning PPC advertising.

  • Knowledge - I began by reading books and articles by industry experts such as Jill Whalen,  Bruce Clay, Aaron Wall and many others.

  • More Knowledge - I keep up to date with all of the latest trends by frequently visiting and subscribing to industry websites such as, and Planet Ocean.

  • Continuing Education - I've attended multiple training classes with John Alexander and Robin Nobles of the Search Engine Workshops, including their now discontinued Ultra Advanced sessions.

  • More Continuing Education - I attend annual conferences, and even speak at some, like Webmaster World and each June I attend Danny Sullivan's Advanced Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

How can I help you with your Business?

Do you want to learn to do it yourself, train a key employee, or have me manage the entire process for you? I'll take you step by step, explaining the process.



How much will it cost?

There is a minimum minimum setup charge for establishing or evaluating existing Google, Yahoo or MSN PPC campaigns.


If ongoing management is desired, the fees are 15% of your monthly ad budget, paid prior to the month of service.


Additional services are optional, including comprehensive keyword research reports, daily or weekly monitoring services, monthly detailed reporting, and more. Large campaign management services available.


To see the most current pricing on pay per click setup charges, please visit the Search Commander website.


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