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First attended Search Engine Workshops in 2004

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Scott Hendison has been a Pubcon speaker since 2006


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Search Engine Consulting - How do I work?


I work directly with your existing staff to educate and guide your company through the process of search engine optimization and marketing, and teach self sufficiency.


Unlike most large search marketing firms, you are not required to give up your existing programmers or web designers, (although we do have those services available for those that need them).


Utilizing email, Instant Messaging, and occasional telephone calls, I will  provide your designers, programmers, marketing department and IT staff with the necessary feedback for them to review and implement.


I also use screen-casting software, to provide audio and video feedback about your site, and make recommendations of ongoing changes and reporting that you can view repeatedly. 


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I charge a monthly fee that is payable in advance, with a money back satisfaction guarantee*  with no long term agreement. Continue only as long as you are satisfied, and feel the need to do so.


What makes me an expert?

I spend more than 100 hours annually on continuing education in the SEO industry. My hands on experience enables me be your personal search engine expert. 


You'll usually find me on the first page of Google, MSN and Yahoo for phrases like " internet consultant" which has millions of competing pages. Try this search


How much does it cost?

I base my rate for each domain on the number of page views the website gets each month, which is an easy number to determine from your stats. 


Using page views to determine rates helps us gauge the amount of work that will be necessary. You can check with your web host, your IT department, or even with your "computer guy" to get this information.


There is a one time $2500 setup fee for all new domains.


The cost per domain is based on the number of monthly page views that your website gets:

If your average number of page views per visitor is above 10, then there is room for flexibility in the pricing.


What do you get for your money?

  • The Setup Fee covers a complete audio/video review of the website, and all aspects of your file structure and SEO friendliness. It includes a thorough and complete keyword research report into your industry, as well as competitive research on all of your page one competitors. This comprehensive report takes approximately 3 weeks to complete.

  • On a daily basis, I will communicate directly with your staff as needed to insure that your goals are met. They'll need guidance, and I'll provide it, constantly reviewing their work and giving valuable feedback.

  • On a weekly basis, I will monitor your site statistics to immediately identify issues, and keep the site growing, and rankings improving. You will be emailed weekly ranking reports for up to 500 search phrases to easily see your progress.

  • On a monthly basis, I will review your progress, your visitor stats, your conversion rates and your site visitor behavior, providing you with executive level, and detailed feedback where needed.

  • Your monthly report will be prepared and sent to you, including analysis and review with the video software, so everything, including your return on investment (ROI) is completely clear.

  • Eight original 250+ word articles (optional) per month, all keyword specific, will be provided for you to use as you see fit. These articles become your property, and are yours forever, beginning our second month together. Some businesses prefer to write their own articles, and in those cases, an additional number of article directory submissions are usually substituted.

  • Link Building Article Submissions - Two of those articles each month will be submitted to ten of the  top article directories, including your byline and textual links back to your site. more about article directories

  • A 25% discount on the price of all individual SEO services that are offered by Search Commander.  Menu of Individual SEO Services

What do you NOT get for your money?

  • Fees do NOT include any web design, graphic design or manual adjustments to the code of your website. If you have no web designers or programmers, of course one can be appointed for additional fees. Those fees vary depending on your determined needs, but are quite affordable.

  • PPC Management, (Pay Per Click) requires hours and hours of additional work. There are Search Commander options available for PPC management, but they do not fall under the scope of the monthly agreement. However, the PPC figures, and your ROI (Return on Investment) are all factored in to the client report, and reviewed by video, no matter who does the management.

The Process

  • With a preexisting website, you'll get a thorough analysis of every section of your website. Whatever needs we define in our initial telephone and email contacts will be reviewed and identified to your satisfaction.  At that point, you may come back for more direction for the next 30 days as often as you wish, for any reason.

  • For new site development, you'll get as much of my attention and involvement with your designers as you need to help bring your project to life within 30 to 60 days, depending on your requirements.

  • Email, cell phone and Instant Messenger access to me, including all of my knowledge and expertise. You will have me employed as an internet consultant providing your staff with all the right suggestions, answers, and feedback.

  • Executive Reporting - you will receive weekly summaries of your search engine rankings, and a monthly summary of your web visitor statistics, and your sales & ROI measurements. You'll see all the definitive figures on one page at a glance, with all supporting documentation embedded for reference for verification.

I will give your company personal support through email and Instant Messaging, and occasionally through scheduled phone calls, (up to 30 phone minutes monthly).  I guarantee that all questions will always be answered on a timely basis for you, as well as for your:

  • Web designers

  • Content writers

  • Marketing department

  • Database programmers

  • Web hosting & IT Staff

Optional services like ClickTracks and Reach Local include:

  • PPC Pay Per Click conversion tracking

  • Click Fraud monitoring

  • Sales, ROI, lead source, and behavior tracking

  • PPC complete bid management

More about how it works

Together, we will first clarify your goals for the website, so we can monitor your success along the way.  This step is critical, because if we don't define success, how will you know when it's been achieved?


Some things we must discuss together:

  • What resources are at your disposal?

  • What are your staff and budgetary constraints?

  • How much work will it take to be competitive?

  • Will it even be profitable for you once you get there?

  • How do you determine your ROI (Return On Investment)?

  • How hard are competitors working at this?

  • Where is your current traffic coming from?

  • What are people doing at your site while they're there?


What will I look for when we get started?

  • How are your current rankings for your desired search terms? Have you already established a strong presence?

  • What level of keyword research has been done? Are you confident that you're properly targeting the right customers?

  • What is your current Google Page Rank?  Google gives a number between 0 and 10 that is an unofficial "ranking" of your "website authority". What is yours, and where is it projected to be in the next update?

  • How many inbound links do Google, Yahoo and MSN give you credit for? Some sites can get decent ranking with very few inbound authoritative links, but besides content, this is one of the most important aspects to consider.

  • How many pages do you already have indexed  in Google, Yahoo and MSN?  How does that compare with the actual number of pages in your site?

  • When where you last visited by the search engines?  When was the last time Google crawled your site and how deeply?

  • Is your current site completely legitimate, or “white hat"? Is there any monkey business going on, like belonging to link farm programs, hidden text, spammy ad copy, etc.?

  • Are there any pages containing duplicate content? Duplicate content is seriously frowned upon by the search engines, and can be hurting your rankings.

  • How old is the domain, and was it owned by someone else before? Ideally, there should be no "bad" history, spam abuses, prior Google banning etc.  

  • Are you already using any XML or RSS for automated content delivery? Either incoming or outgoing?

  • Do you have a blog that you can utilize for content addition, and for deep linking within your products and service pages?

  • Do you have a visible site map, and even more important, do you have an XML sitemap in place for the search engines?

  • Are you making proper use of a robots.txt file?  

  • If your site is large enough to have an Alexa ranking, what are the traffic details? Are your pages trending up or down?

  • Do you have a PPC account? If so, I will look at your history, learning a lot in the process from your real time statistics. note: this does not include any bid or1 search term adjustments, or PPC management services.


In checking all of the above, I'll make my recommendations,  and check and verify the previous work done by your webmasters and SEO companies. 


In short, I help your site become and remain profitable, and  I'll focus my attention on anything you deem to be of a high priority.


There's no long term agreement, which keeps this arrangement predictable for you, although I do ask for a verbal commitment to a three month minimum. 


However, in some cases, the scope or magnitude of the work may be more than your web team may be able to quickly respond to, and the three month minimum may be suspended upon your request.


Getting Started



*My Guarantee*


If at any time you don't feel like the advice and knowledge you obtain from my consultation is well worth the money you're spending, then we simply stop with no hard feelings, and I will refund you 100% of the previous month's consulting fees upon request.


If you ever feel that I've taken too long for a task, or something is not completed to your satisfaction, just say so, and a portion or all of your monthly fee will be returned.


I value your business, and I also value my reputation and your future referrals. I have not yet been asked to ever refund a single dollar.


Contact me today for an initial evaluation